Thursday 2 April 2015


Great Review of PSK Trio@St.Ethelburgas by Ben Robertson at

"...The trio format enabled the listener to form a clear impression of each of the three members. Theo Pascal is a genuine virtuoso on both double and electric bass and a truly afrocentric musician - he seems to have worked and recorded with musicians from every Lusophone country in Africa. Inevitably, this raises the question of whether or not he is inspired and/or influenced by the great Gito Baloi. Certainly, when his lyrical bass runs combine with Souza’s vocals there is a comparison to be made and it would be simply wonderful to hear them do some sort of tribute to the great Mozambican and or for them to cover one or more of his compositions. Elias Kacomanolis impresses too. He uses a carefully arranged array of drum kit and percussion that enables him to play both simultaneously which he did to great effect especially when evoking the sound of those African trains.  Combined with Carmen Souza’s increasingly competent accompaniment on keyboards and guitar the trio provided a perfect backdrop to her magnificent vocals in a performance marked by characteristic humour and delightfully unpredictable flights of fancy leading to a thoroughly deserved standing ovation. The set was full of pleasing surprises such as a beautiful cover version of Paul McCartney’s 1968 masterpiece “Blackbird” and culminated with a sing-along rendition of “Afri Ka” during which Pascal played a kwassa kwassa bass line that would have thrilled Afrigo’s revelers at the Royal Regency; followed finally by cover version of Miriam Makeba’s “Pata Pata” during which Elias Kacomanolis continued the Congolese vibe on drums."
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