Friday 3 April 2015

EPISTOLA advance reviews....

First Reviews for EPISTOLA:

"Theo Pascal and Carmen Souza are plainly on a roll and long may it continue…
throughout “Epistola” Pascal is superb whether on electric or upright bass; the album ends with a cover version of “Moonlight Serenade” that is just wonderful. This old chestnut by Glenn Miller with lyrics by Mitchell Parish dates from a period in jazz that is much derided but with Souza’s hushed, heartfelt vocals and acoustic guitar, Pascal’s melodic electric bass combined with percussion that keeps tempo much faster than previous versions such as Sinatra’s, this closing track showcases these musicians at their incandescent best. To sum up, the music on “Epistola” is inventive, joyous, characterised by lightness of touch leaving virtually everyone else in the shade."
Ben Robertson, (UK)

“This new album is “a letter with sound addressed to anyone who is ready to receive it”; I say we all need to be ready to receive if only to feel we have listened to a magnificent rendition of how music and words can work together so well, they create poetry...another collaboration between Carmen Souza and Theo Pascal - Praise the Heavens for that! With a voice like Carmen and the bass playing like Theo, we cannot go wrong."
Erminia Yardley, (UK)

“Carmen Souza and Theo Pascal reveal with majesty and rhapsody the radiant beauty of this music…Such is the visceral intensity of this music-making that a certain girding of the loins may be required before you listen (to this music) again and again… and again…”
Raul da Gama, Latin Jazz Network (USA)

"Carmen Souza et Theo Pascal nous écrivent de merveilleuses
cartes postales musicales..."
Jean-Jacques Dikongué, Tribune2Lartist (FR)

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