Sunday 21 July 2013

Carmen Souza photos@BLACK SEA JAZZ FESTIVAL 2013!!!

Videos at Black Sea Jazz Festival:


(c)TBC - Photos by NakaniMamasakhlisi

Tuesday 16 July 2013

VIDEO: Carmen Souza@Montreal Jazz Festival 2013! / USA/CA press Quotes

“Mixing her indigenous sounds with world jazz, hot club and a dab of coconut water, this record is sure to sound like summer all year long.” –Midwest Record

“Souza’s voice floats and darts about the melodies in a way that’s charmingly beguiling. She can scat or do anything and it simply sounds like the most gorgeous thing you’ll hear in your life.” –The Joy Of Violent Movement

Carmen Souza is hard to categorize, but easy to love.”-Aurgasm

“Carmen Souza has honed a unique approach by taking her Cape Verdean Creole roots and infuses them with infectious traditional African music, Brazillian rhythms, and a plethora of minute nuances that make this release shine and sparkle.” (rating 9 out of 10) –Maximum Ink

“As eclectic as the musical portion sounds, Souza possesses an otherworldly voice that when it grounds itself becomes deliciously earthy.” –The Whole Music Experience   

“Clearly the vocalist employs parts of her being that no other singer does. Feelings and emotions, for instance, arise almost spectrally from her soul, with which she is so in tune as to create songs like few could even imagine, let alone sing.” –Latin Jazz Net

“Souza's singing style may, at times, be a little distracting, but the album presents an interesting and enjoyable international interpretation of what jazz can sound like.”

“Blessed with a terrific low and high register, Souza teases listeners with her playful voice, jumping octaves with ease. One of her finest characteristics is her ability to add texture to anything she sings.”-Splinters And Candy

“Most striking of all is Souza’s voice itself. Alternately chirpy and grave, it’s an exceptional tool that she wields with an instrumentalist’s sensibility — she’s also a guitar and piano player — executing nimble turns and swoops with grace and acrobatic control.” –Boston Globe

“Carmen Souza’s musical character really stands out. While many female jazz vocalists are recording standards and new material with smooth jazzy arrangements, Carmen’s style is much creative and attractive.” –World Music Central

“Carmen's voice is still young and fresh with bright elements and embellishments that keep one coming back for more.” –Inside World Music

“She is a singer with extraordinary vocal facility, and her performance was proof once again that great music breaks down all barriers, especially that of language.”-Vivo Scene

 “Her voice shouted and purred, reaching down to pluck the low notes, then soaring to walk a high tightrope. And, something all performers should be conscious of, she appeared to thoroughly enjoy her time on stage.”-Vancouver Sun

“Hearing Souza’s voice live was a real pleasure as her unique vocals ranging from soprano to alto demonstrate an impressive flexibility that switches back and forth between half-scat and half glissando. A true class act.” –Eventful Capital

“A quirky, charming take on Cape Verdean music”-Rhapsody

“She is a vocal seductress, luring you in to a syllable on a note only to slide it into a warble and severely elongate the ending consonant before sharply snapping it off.”-Rochester City Newspaper

“Carmen Souza sings with the slight sensual exuberance that gives each of his interpretations of the songs of freedom.”-Le Devoir (translated from French original) 

Friday 5 July 2013

Carmen Souza SUMMER ITALIAN TOUR 2013!

After just arriving from an amazing tour in USA and Canada, Carmen Souza and her band are off again to Italy to start a series of concerts:


Great press already about the tour:

Wednesday 3 July 2013

Carmen Souza@Montreal Jazz Festival!

Carmen Souza Kachupada USA/CA tour 2013 ended in high note with the Montreal Jazz Festival.

Estimated audience numbers 10000!!!