Monday 6 February 2017

CREOLOGY @Celticconnections

#Creology tour have started in the best way with a preview concert
at Celtic Connections in Glasgow in a double bill with legendary band 'Orchestra Baobab'.

On Feb 01 a great feature at the Herald Scotland jornal:

The concert was great and received 4STARS reviews in both THE HERALD and THE SCOTSMAN:

"Portugese-born, of Cape Verdean parentage, opening act Carmen Souza was another of those enchanting surprises that Celtic Connections consistently springs, combining a jazz virtuoso’s vocal technique and range with an array of Lusophone influences, from fado to samba, morna to bossa and much more besides, including a bittersweet, almost Celtic-sounding ballad and a frisky, sunny-hued “Cape Verdean blues” in tribute to the islands’ national drink." ****The Scotsman by Sue Wilson

"Portuguese singer, guitarist and pianist Carmen Souza’s trio began in Brazil with Milton Nascimento’s Ponta de Areia and quickly established that their approach would be one of laid-back persuasion and quiet mastery. While Souza sang and scatted in voices that ranged from the childlike to the deeply sexy, her superb bassist, Theo Pascal and marvellously relaxed but alert drummer, Elias Kacomanolis often insinuated as much as stated the groove." ****The Herald by Rob Adams

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