Thursday 3 April 2014

Amazing reviews from USA!

8/10 "In a live setting, Souza is robustly expressive, the childlike wonder of her voice extolling the boundaries, not just pushing them. And through it all, she never loses the notes of grace that make her one of the most expressive vocalists on the scene today" VIVASCENE.COM, Jason Motz, CA

Listening to Carmen's soulful vibrant rhythms in concert is like being engulfed in a sea of magnetic energy filled with softness, tranquility and thrill....An absolute joy to see on stage, your mind doesn't drift, your eyes don't deviate and most importantly, your smile doesn't fade when Carmen sings…Whether she is on the piano showering her audience with a captivating rendition of "My Favorite Things," introducing Cape Verde's most famous song "Sodade" with what has become her signature jazzed-up version, serving an irresistible dose of "Katchupada," or sharing the life story of her father's time at sea with "Song for My Father," you get the sense that Carmen is a person completely at peace with herself and the world..." 
SODADE, Nuria Chantre, USA


 "This live recording and video showcases the stunning talent of one of the greatest jazz vocalists of our time…. impressive vocal modulations and flavorful African roots… one of the most talented and innovative vocalists in the present-day jazz and world music scene whose style and ability knows no bounds." 

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